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central office


Central office


Christoph Südhoff


Lena Stegemann

Executive Assistant

industrial drives

Marco Hukriede

Head of Sales Industrial Drives

Henning Bröcker

Sales Region Northern Germany & Export-Manager

Jan-Philipp Conermann

Head of Internal Sales

Pawel Damian

Sales Manager Poland

Renate den Ouden


Nils Deppen


Gregory Gras

Sales Manager France

Michael Hallengren

Regional Sales Manager Scandinavia

Lena König


Laura Reeken


Christoph Reeker

ISO-QMB / Product Management FU

Axel Sandmann

Product management motor

Christoph Schräder

Product Management drives

Benjamin Seeger


Anja Stappers


Mon van Trinh


service & maintenance

Johannes Börgel

Head of Sales Service & Maintenance

Carolin Attermeyer


Markus Helmes


Frank Schweegmann


Andrea Tetzlaff


Anja Hagemeier


engineering & production

Martin Mientus

Works Manager

Fiete Linnenschmidt


Klaus Paege

Control technology

procurement & logistics

Anina Mucke


Melissa Middelberg



Ann-Christin Hardeweg


accounting & human resources

Elisabeth Albers

Head of Management Accounting & Finance

Lisa Fier

Personnel Officer

Silke Hopster


Christoph Lübke


Stephanie Upmann